About Jesper Jones

Jesper Jones is a Swedish bass music producer who makes all of his music on iOS devices. Although Jesper has been creating his own music for over a decade, his creativity kicked into overdrive after discovering NanoStudio in 2011, the “mighty app” that would become his weapon of choice.

Jesper grew up under the influence of electronic music, first listening to his father’s Kraftwerk and Vangelis tapes, and later being turned on to Trance by a friend who was a rave DJ. After taking in Dub, Trip-Hop, Jungle, DnB, Breakbeat, and even South African Kwaito, Jesper began DJing at clubs around his home town of Gothenburg, as well as Stockholm and the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

Jesper’s music spans a wide range of styles and genres, but always comes with a back-beat and enough funk to “make people get off their arses and dance!”

Info & Stats

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    Gothenburg, Sweden
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    Drum and Bass · Dubstep · Old School Jungle
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  • 74SoundCloud Tracks
  • 2011Hit Overdrive
  • 10Fingers
  • 2Turntables
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Get off your arses and dance!