About Mood481

Under the artist name Mood481, Clif Johnston composes all of his music on his iPads; dark, dramatic soundscapes with complex, evolving textures. Mood481′s music is primarily ambient with elements of drone, noise, industrial and experimental electronic music.

As the founder and president of Apptronica, Clif puts all of his passion, skills and experience into promoting iOS music and supporting the community.

Info & Stats

  • 25Albums
  • 180SoundCloud Tracks
  • 6iPads
  • 480Music Apps
  • 2013Established
  • 3Albums in Progress
  • 42Years Collected
  • 4Canine Companions

Latest Live Session

Architect (Session 1)

Live session with 6 iPads. Apps used include SECTOR, Lemur, Alchemy, Sliver, Samplr, Effectrix, MidiBridge, Audiobus, Poly, Gestrument, VJay, AudioShare, and Video FX Live.

SoundCloud Tracks

Latest tracks, albums-in-progress and sonic experiments too dangerous for the uninitiated.


All Releases

Dark places built just for you.