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F1 confirms the Singapore Grand Prix will return in 2022 after a Covid-enforced absence... with terms agreed for iconic night race at the Marina Bay Street Circuit to stay on the calendar until 2028

27/01/22 10:50

27/01/22 07:13

Fox News host Dan Bongino had his YouTube account permanently banned after he attempted to upload a video about why he was leaving the platform during his suspension period.

27/01/22 05:49

The family of DJ Ferguson - a Boston man denied a heart transplant because he is not vaccinated against COVID - on Wednesday night said he has had a temporary heart pump fitted.

27/01/22 05:06

The unvaccinated former Alaska governor tested positive on three separate rapid tests on Monday - delaying the start of her much-anticipated defamation trial against the New York Times.

27/01/22 03:45

Experts have warned Australians could soon pay as much as $3 a litre for petrol due to an ongoing global oil supply crunch. Fuel prices nationally have increased 30 per cent in the past 12 months.

27/01/22 03:42

China has banned or imposed huge tariffs on billions of dollars worth of Australian exports to such as coal, cotton, wine and beef.

27/01/22 02:03

Footage shows two men and a woman accusing NHS staff at a vaccination centre in Ealing, west London, of 'genocide', saying they have a crime number and that vaccines are under investigation.

27/01/22 00:48

DAVID SEYMOUR: While the rest of the world moves forward, it feels like we in New Zealand are moving backwards, reduced to look on enviously as you go about your business.

27/01/22 00:13

Queensland has seen new cases of Covid-19 dip slightly to 11,600 new infections but there were 15 deaths, Health Minister Yvette D'Ath announced on Thursday.

26/01/22 22:12

Tom Steinfort has shared the confronting letter he received from a viewer urging him to not report on Covid.

26/01/22 22:02

Just six months on from the Summer Games, the Olympics is back and in addition to the return of the regular action on the slopes this year's Games could introduce us to some new sights.

26/01/22 18:42

Some students feel New West Charter School's vaccine mandate is denying them their rights to an in-person education. The charter school is facing a lawsuit over the policy.

26/01/22 17:01

Sherry Walker, the co-founder of advocacy group Airline Employees for Health Freedom, spoke out during a protest against vaccine mandates on Sunday in Washington DC.

26/01/22 16:58

The former One Direction singer, 28, took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a statement with the news and told fans the show 'won't be ready in time'.

26/01/22 16:14

Shocking video footage recorded by Paola Dino at a Brazilian vaccination site captured the moment a nurse used an empty syringe while trying to vaccinate her 11-year-old son.

26/01/22 15:46

Covid deaths in the U.S. are on the rise, and are approaching worrying levels not reached since the tale end of last winter's surge - which is still the deadliest of the pandemic. The nation is averaging 2,259 deaths per day this week, the highest total since February 17, 2021.

26/01/22 14:24

Real-world data of 6,000 people around the UK found those double-jabbed with Pfizer or Moderna were 49.6 per cent less likely to have lingering symptoms three months after their Covid infection.

26/01/22 14:08

The Tigers took the loan out under previous owners the Allam family to manage the costs of the Covid-19 pandemic, with lockdown restrictions severely damaging clubs' revenues across the country.

26/01/22 14:07

He announced earlier this month he had tested positive for coronavirus and was forced to cancel upcoming episodes of The Late Late Show. 

26/01/22 09:00

German politicians long insisted that there would be no vaccine mandate. But the tide turned last year amid frustration that a large number of holdouts was hampering the fight against Covid-19.

26/01/22 07:58

Stars of the new series Byron Baes have reportedly broken COVID-19 restrictions.

26/01/22 07:16

Ozzie, 61, the world's oldest male gorilla, was found dead by his care team in his habitat at Zoo Atlanta on Tuesday.

26/01/22 07:15

NHS worker Fila Lutu from Chadwell Heath tested positive for the virus in December and died days later, after she decided to get vaccinated when ministers unveiled their 'no jab, no job' policy.

26/01/22 01:59

DJ Ferguson, 31, has been denied a heart transplant until he gets vaccinated against COVID-19. His wife is now saying that they are in a 'corner' and are 'pressured' to get him vaccinated.

26/01/22 00:47

Aziz Ansari takes several jabs at NFL star and staunch anti-vaxxer Aaron Rodgers  in his upcoming Netflix comedy special, titled Aziz Ansari: Nightclub Comedian.

25/01/22 23:25

The 38-year-old Green Bay Packers quarterback and his 33-year-old Bachelorette star brother have taken tentative steps to patch up their relationship after years of mysterious feuding.

25/01/22 22:32

EXCLUSIVE BY MATT HUGHES AND RICHARD GIBSON: The 51-year-old signed a two-year contract at Headingley but has been paid in full after fulfilling only one year of his deal.

25/01/22 22:24

Dr Gregory Poland, of the Mayo Clinic, warned Tuesday that Covid could be around for so long that generations down the line, people will still need to receive regular vaccines to be protected.

25/01/22 22:05

NSW reported another 21,030 Covid cases on Wednesday as the state nears a one millionth case of the virus. Premier Dominic Perrottet assured residents hospitality and retail is open for business.

25/01/22 22:00

New York experts, who monitored 2,000 women undergoing fertility treatment, said rates of fertilisation and pregnancy were 'the same' regardless of whether women were vaccinated against Covid.

25/01/22 19:32

The 31-year-old was sent home from the training camp in Brighton and entered isolation after he tested positive. England have not called up a replacement for the forward.

25/01/22 19:11

Strictly Come Dancing's Tilly Ramsay reunited with professional partner Nikita Kuzmin in Leeds on Tuesday as he rejoined the live tour after withdrawing due to positive Covid test.

25/01/22 19:05

Wales are likely to be without Christ Tshiunza for their opening Six Nations fixture. Tshiunza, 20, has tested positive for Covid-19 ahead of the curtain-raiser, which takes place on February 5.

25/01/22 18:17

An estimated 321,800 were off with a confirmed case on January 20, which is double the 159,000 off a fortnight ago on January 6 and nearly triple the 110,900 off on December 16.

25/01/22 17:38

Education minister Jeremy Miles said the wearing of face coverings had been an 'important contribution' to ensuring schools in Wales remain safe.

25/01/22 17:16

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who opened treatment centers to distribute the antibody drugs, slammed the decision, saying the FDA had acted 'without shred of clinical data.'

25/01/22 17:14

The legendary singer, 74, has been forced to cancel two shows in Dallas, Texas, as a result, it was announced Tuesday.

25/01/22 16:22

Bali's future is in dire straits, with shocking pictures revealing the once global holiday hotspot now resembles a virtual ghost town two years into the pandemic.

25/01/22 15:42

DJ Ferguson, a 31-year-old father-of-two was taken off the list for a heart transplant at a Boston hospital because he is unvaccinated, even though he can't leave the hospital until he gets a new heart

25/01/22 15:12

We've now had more than 2.25million cases - 2million of them just since Christmas - and more than 3200 deaths, including more than 1000 also just since Christmas.

25/01/22 15:00

Oregon Health and Science University researchers found the opposite is also true, with those who caught Covid before getting jabbed also having an 'amazingly high' response.

25/01/22 14:47

In the 2020/21 academic year, more than a third of degrees were firsts, achieving a final grade of 70% or above, according to data published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

25/01/22 12:44

Cameroon's captain has called on fans to be disciplined and responsible by stadiums after at least eight people, including a child, died in what has been described as a stampede.

25/01/22 11:53

David Suchet was finally knighted at Windsor Castle on Tuesday - after being forced to miss the original event due to a positive COVID-19 test.

25/01/22 11:32

Szilveszter Csollany, who won gold in the Sydney 2000 Olympics fell sick in December and was hospitalised and put on a ventilator, with local authorities announcing his death on Monday.

25/01/22 09:57

Rishi Sunak's political opponents have told the Chancellor he 'must explain' how he he is going to claw back billions of pounds of Covid business support lost to fraud amid a mounting backlash.

25/01/22 08:54

The increase was due to the early impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, but it also reflects extensive investment in youth development by the top flight and English football as a whole.

25/01/22 07:08

Boris Johnson's letter to a little girl who cancelled her seventh birthday party as the UK entered the first Covid lockdown has resurfaced as it emerges the PM celebrated his 56th birthday in No10.

25/01/22 06:41

Australia's urgent demand for rapid antigen tests has seen 38-year-old entrepreneur Austyn Campbell's Motion One sign a $26million contract to supply test kits to the government..

25/01/22 05:52

Students are set to return to classrooms from February 1 in NSW but Premier Dominic Perrottet said parents who delay the return-to-school amid Omicron wave would not be subject to fines.

25/01/22 04:39

Residents of Queensland's aged care facilities make up half of those who have died from Covid-19 in the state, new federal Health Department figures reveal, as 212 nursing homes battle outbreaks.

25/01/22 04:18

Fully vaccinated Aussie travellers will no longer be required to return a negative Covid test when travelling to the United Kingdom after the country moved to axe all Covid-19 travel restrictions.

25/01/22 02:38

The Taeubers agreed the photo 'rubbed people the wrong way' given how badly small businesses have suffered throughout the Covid-19 pandemic

25/01/22 02:19

A series of confronting images recently uploaded in a clip to You Tube shows just how dire life is for locals in Bali with next to no tourism two years since the Covid pandemic started.

25/01/22 02:03

Brittny Ward, 31, gushed about her 'soon to be hubby' Jenson Button, 42, that the way he loves their 'family brings tears to my eyes' as she wished him happy birthday last week.

25/01/22 00:42

Major NYC employers, including Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase, are setting February dates for staff to return to work in person, as COVID-19 cases continue dropping.

24/01/22 23:14

The tearful singer postponed a series of shows at Caesars Palace shows with just 24 hours' notice on Friday, citing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as a mitigating factor.

24/01/22 22:27

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO, warned on Monday that the Omicron variant may not spell the end of Covid's pandemic phase, and it could mutate again.

24/01/22 21:55

Multiple supporters have reportedly been hospitalised too, with images on social media showing fans breaking through gates ahead of Cameroon's match against Comoros in Yaounde.

24/01/22 21:26

Alhadhur - a left back - played in goal in the 2-1 loss. But despite conceding twice, his performance was lauded on social media, especially after an impressive double save in the second-half.

24/01/22 20:58

In a rare bipartisan move, 'squad' member Rashida Tlaib and pro-Trump Rep. Matt Gaetz saw eye-to-eye in demanding House floor action on legislation that would ban lawmakers from trading stocks.

24/01/22 20:29

Finn Kitson, 19, from Cambridge, was told to isolate along with the rest of his household for two weeks after arriving nine days earlier to begin his studies at the University of Manchester.

24/01/22 19:52

Chinese scientists now say they may have unearthed evidence linking the strain to mice - in its DNA. But most scientists say it likely emerged in an immunocompromised patient.

24/01/22 19:38

Australian TV host Lisa Wilkinson has been slammed after comparing Australia's Covid-19 response to a 'bin fire'.

24/01/22 18:16

Cameroon are through to the quarter-finals of the African Cup of Nations following a 2-1 victory over Comoros who put in a spirited display despite several setbacks.

24/01/22 18:12

Babes in the Wood child killer Russell Bishop, 55, tested positive for Covid-19 before dying of brain cancer on January 20 in hospital, although one source said the virus's impact was 'hard to say'.

24/01/22 17:06

The man, named as Luigi Cossellu by local media and who was admitted on January 16, reportedly denied the existence of Covid-19 and had refused to get the vaccine.

24/01/22 16:41

Jennifer Garner showed her gratitude to doctors and nurses by making them chocolate chip cookies by scratch.

24/01/22 16:25

Britain today posted 56 deaths - down by a third on last Monday. Meanwhile, another 1,967 Covid-infected patients required NHS care on Tuesday, according to UK-wide statistics.

24/01/22 16:07

Boodles, who are stepping in to sponsor the Gold Cup race, have backed the Fred Winter Juvenile Handicap Hurdle at the Festival since 2018 and will continue to support that race.

24/01/22 15:04

The Omicron-variant fueled COVID-19 wave is showing more signs that it will soon come to its end, and some public health leaders are calling for some pandemic-related restrictions to be phased out in the U.S., just as they recently were in the UK.

24/01/22 14:58

Sarah Palin has tested positive for the coronavirus, as she had been set to begin a defamation trial against The New York Times on Monday.

24/01/22 14:54

Dex Briggs, who worked at Nike for 26 years, said he was willing to provide proof of vaccination to Nike, but objected to uploading his health data to a third-party firm that was permitted to share it.

24/01/22 14:10

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) told BBC Sport Africa that Ahamada, who had tested positive for the virus, has not fulfilled its protocols to play in the match.

24/01/22 11:33

Meat Loaf's widow Deborah has thanked fans for their well wishes as she admits she is experiencing 'gut-wrenching' grief following his death last week.

24/01/22 11:26

Bosses at Cotswolds Airport purchased the iconic 747 jet from British Airways after it was retired during the Covid pandemic in 2020 and have since forked out £500,000 on its transformation.

24/01/22 06:27

Laura Toggs, the daughter of Hillsong boss Brian Houston, has attacked the media in an Instagram post. She and her husband were involved in organising Hillsong's Covid rule-breaking youth camp.

24/01/22 05:51

Western Australia has recorded 13 new Covid-19 cases on Monday, just days after Premier Mark McGowan axed his vow to reunite the isolated state with the rest of the country.

24/01/22 05:36

Some Australian residents have been warned to avoid going outside with the La Nina weather system sparking an abundance of a potentially deadly microscopic bacteria.

24/01/22 05:15

South Australia has recorded its lowest number of Covid cases this year with the state detecting 2,009 new infections on Monday as a young woman aged in her 40s dies with the virus.